Sunday, 8 December 2013

Hopefully Back for Good!!

Hi everyone, if anyone is still out there that is. If their is anyone still viewing this blog then I want to say that I'm slowly going to be coming back! I want to try and get this back up to a working blog again, I've missed the blogging world so much and I look at my blog that hasn't been updated in ages and I think that I put all that effort in to see my baby grow and I've just abandoned it. After all this time there must be a lot of dust settling on this blog so I am going to start cleaning up and getting it running again!! Now enough of me rambling on and on here are some of the changes I plan on doing:

1) Making a new twitter account since my blog one ended up becoming a personal account and you don't want to hear about my crap life you want to hear about books! (This will be coming soon and a post will be added to let you know what the new account is called etc)

2) I want to add more of my own memes to the blog I always tend to be following other peoples! It's not a  bad thing but I want to make Book Geek Central it's own agin. (I have some ideas in mind and want to have them on the blog in the new year)

These are the only two I have so far because a lot I want to put in my New Years resolutions which is coming very soon!

I hope you all haven't given up on me and this blog yet because I haven't given up on it! 


1 comment:

  1. Hi ya! Welcome back, good to hear from you again. Looking forward to seeing more posts again. :)


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