Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Last Post of 2011 (Can you believe it!)

2012 is literally a couple of hours away now. Where has this year gone? A whole year of blogging and reading has passed and I feel kind of sad that it's over (finally completed a whole year of blogging as well!)

This year has been so fun and so many things have happened that I didn't think that would happen, I managed to up to 757 followers (how the hell did that happen?) and I grateful for all you guys and for the people who just pop by read posts and comment. I also didn't expect was to make friends with blogger and authors and those friendship I treasure. I hope to make a lot more friends in 2012, so if you want to chat with me please do!

Challenge wise this year I did OK. I completed two out of the four challenges that I entered but I failed epically at the Off the Shelf challenge only reading 1 out of 25books, then I failed less epically at the 2011 Debut challenge only 2 books off completing it (I will comlete the 2012 Debut challenge though, I am detrmind!)

In 2012 I'm hoping to get a lot more done though. I'm planning to use my YouTube channel more for book related vlogs. I have got one or two other things that I want to do but I'm going to keep them as a surprise. Also I'm co-hosting the ABC Reading Challenge (Follow the link HERE to sign up.) so be expecting some post on that as well.

Bring on 2012 now that I can't figure out anything else to say! Happy reading and have a great new year!!!


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