Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Book Event: Becca Fitzpatrick signing!

Over a week ago I was able to attend one of the stops on Becca Fitzpatrick's UK tour for her newest book in the 'Hush, Hush' series 'Silence'. I had to travel for around two hour on a train to cross the border from Wales into England for the Birmingham stop, but it was worth it!

When we got there it actually took us about an hour to find the venue because we got lost about five time and when we finally found a Waterstones book store we found that it was the wrong one! And we had to walk another ten minutes to find the right one. It was huge! Some of you might think that I'm exaggerating when I say that it
eight floors and a whole floor for YA and middle grade. But I come from a valley which doesn't even have a bookstore in town! I have to travel twenty minutes at least to go to a bookstore which has everything on ONE floor. So I was in heaven!

When we actually got to the signing and there was already a massive line, Becca did come early though and then it was only about an hours wait and I did manage to get my whole 'Hush, Hush' series signed and an extra copy of 'Silence' which I just finished the giveaway for.

Becca was really nice and funny and took the time to talk to everyone and sign ALL the book that they had brought with them.

After I had my books signed I looked around the store and actually spent all of the money that I went with! When we left the store we walked back to the train station which was actually a five minute walk away! And ate a Burger King in 'Silence' (sorry couldn't resist) while we waited for the next train to arrive. But all in all it was a great day and my mother is now pawning that off as my birthday present!


  1. Gosh, I live in America! lol darn... it looks like it was fun :)

  2. you reminded me I need to go to the library tomorrow :-)
    great post
    Please come and say Hi

  3. Hahaha awww... I don't blame your mum for pawning it off as a birthday present. It's a parent thing- my mum would do the same:) Gosh! It sounds like such a wonderful experience! I hope I'm as lucky to meet her and get books signed some day. Authors don't seem to visit South Africa much, sadly. I totally understand living in a place with no book store! Hope you enjoy your signed copies:)


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