Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Title: Wither
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Published by: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Age Group: Young-adult
Paperback: 358
Challenge: 2011 Debut Author Challenge
Howarts Reading Challenge 2011
2011- Young Adult Reading Challenge

5- Amazing!! I want to read it again!

Goodreads summary:

Obviously, something went terribly wrong. Genetic mutations have festered, reducing human longevity to twenty-five, even less for most women. To prevent extinction, young girls are kidnapped, mated in polygamous marriages with men eager to procreate. Sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery, a recent victim of this breeding farm mentality, has vowed to break loose from its fetters; but finding allies and a safe way out is a challenge she can only hope she will survive.



That has to be the best way for me to sum up this book. This review was so hard to write it’s not like I haven’t got anything good or bad to day about it, it’s that I can’t find the words to do this book justice. This book was amazing I was hooked from the first page; Wither has a haunting and heart wrenching plot and characters that are unforgettable.

This has to be one of my favourite dystopian novels that I have read so far, the world that DeStefano created was so vivid and was written beautifully. I loved how that it was so different from everything else that I’ve read, how it was disturbing yet beautiful (if that makes sense).

Rhine was such as strong and interesting character. Her and her story was so captivating throughout the book. Linden… I was so sympathetic towards him by the end of the book, he was just so clueless to everything that was happening because of his father and don’t even get me started on his cruel father. But even though I loved Linden I’m still team Gabriel all the way though I do with that there was more of him throughout book.

I can’t wait to see what happens between Rhine and Gabriel in Fever.

Plot 4/5
Character 5/5
Cover 5/5
Ending 5/5

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  1. This book deserves a wow. Especially the characters. I love that Linden was sympathetic. Good review!

  2. I loved this book as well and cannot wait to read Fever!! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well. Great review!


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