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Wake Unto Me by Lisa Cach

Title: Wake Unto Me
Author: Lisa Cach
Published by: Speak
Age Group: Young-adult
Hardcover: 304
Challenge: Howarts Reading Challenge 2011
2011- Young Adult Reading Challenge
2011 Debut Author Challenge

5- Amazing!! I want to read it again!

Goodreads summary:

A haunted castle, a handsome young man dead for four hundred years, one heck of a scary portrait of a witch, and a treasure hunt -- not to mention a princess for a roommate! -- all await 15 year old American girl Caitlyn Monahan when she earns a scholarship to a French boarding school.

There are secrets behind the stone walls of Chateau de la Fortune, buried for centuries along with the mystery of who killed Raphael, the charming ghost who visits Caitlyn at night. But as Caitlyn unearths the history of the castle, nothing scares her as badly as the secret she learns about herself, and the reason she was chosen to come to the Fortune School.

And nothing breaks her heart as badly as falling in love with a dead guy.


I really really really enjoyed this book! Before I started it I just thought that Caitlyn would be able to see the ghost (Raphael) around the castle and find out his story (you know the way typical way you’d think a ghost to be) but boy was I wrong, I loved this new twist on a ghost story!

It took a bit of time for me to warm up to Caitlyn but she was a character that I grew to like. I found the rest of the characters easy to read and they were all well round but I do wish that there was more of Raphael at times.

The history in this book was amazing, I love my history and just reading about it in the story sucked me in even more. Even though the history in the book wasn’t factual it was still so interesting because Cach had based it all on places she been and things she’d seen.

The detail in the book was absolutely amazing, the details on what Chateau de la Fortune was like in the past and the present blew me away. It was superbly written book. And that ending blew me away; I totally didn’t see that coming!

Plot 4/5
Character 4/5
Cover 5/5
Ending 5/5

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful mix of mystery, romance and history. I have just ordered it and I can't wait to start reading it. Great review!


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