Friday, 20 May 2011

Book Blogger Hop (#17) & Follow Friday (#18)

Book Blogger Hop

Time for Blogger Hop from Crazy for Books

I've done Book blogger hop a couple and I like it! I love following other peoples book blogs and looking what they think about new and older releases. It's a great way to get out there and meet new people who share the same interests as you.

This weeks question: "If you were given the chance to spend one day in a fictional world (from a book), which book would it be from and what would that place be?"

My answer:

I would have to say 'The Host' by Stephenie Meyer and in the caves... I don't really know why I would want to go there. But the novel is mostly set in the caves and once I got thinking it I thought it would be like labyrinth... it sounded cool to me and I think if you've read the book this will make more sence to you.


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This weeks question: Q. It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them...

My answer:

1) I eat my food layer by layer and I can't mix some foods together, if it happens I wouldn't eat it.

2) I always play with my hair when I wear it down, I've even got to the stage that I don't even realise that I'm doing it.

3) I have to have things like dvd's, CD's, books etc in a certian order in which I like (colour, cover, author, name etc)

4) I can't sleep without my ipod playing some sort of music in my ears :)

5) I love wear mens joggers becuase I find them more comfortable than womens.


  1. Hm...the Host is an interesting choice. I think it would be pretty cool to experience that for one day.

    Just hopping by.

  2. All my DVD's, CD's, and books are in order too. For awhile after we moved last fall, all my books were in a jumble on my shelves and it drove me nuts. :P Here's my FF:

  3. I’ve seen a lot of great picks and gathered some fresh titles to add to my ever-growing TBR list. My answer will probably stun most people because the world I picked is a place most people would be scared to death of and try to escape from. Me? I want in.

    Hop on over to my blog and be prepared for the unexpected –

    Howard Sherman

  4. Old follower hopping by to visit! Ooh, good choice with The Host. I enjoyed it a lot more than her vampire books, and the setting seemed to be really well-described. And the world is such a challenge, it's almost like reading a dystopia. :-)

  5. Hopping through. I almost never wear my hair down. I hate having it get in the way.
    My Hop

  6. Hopping by! New follower :o) I play with my hair too when it's down. I mostly put it up because I hate it in my face sometimes.. lol.

    I almost picked The Host too!! Man. I liked that book. :o)

    Check out mine?
    Mickey @ imabookshark


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