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Matched by Ally Condie

Title: Matched
Author: Ally Condie
Pulbished by: Puffin
Age Group: Young-adult
Paperback: 366

Rating: 4- Great!

Goodreads summary:

Cassia has always trusted their choices. It’s barely any price to pay for a long life, the perfect job, the ideal mate. So when her best friend appears on the Matching screen, Cassia knows with complete certainty that he is the one . . . until she sees another face flash for an instant before the screen fades to black. Now Cassia is faced with impossible choices: between Xander and Ky, between the only life she’s known and a path no one else has ever dared follow—between perfection and passion.

Matched is a story for right now and storytelling with the resonance of a classic.


As soon as this book hit stores I bought it, I was so looking forward to reading it, it just sounded brilliant. But when I first started reading it I think I might have set my bar a bit too high. The quarter of the novel wasn’t that gripping for me. I did like Cassia’s Matching Banquet but then it was less gripping after that then it picked back up a tiny bit when she was looking at her microchip, but I thought that Condie could have made it a bit more gripping when she was looking at it because of how on some summaries and the novel trailer that was meant to be a bit that changes things for Cassia, makes her think, makes her world turn upside down knowing that something has gone wrong in the society. But for me it just didn’t get there.

The characters: At first I was a little wary about Cassia’s character, but as I read on I saw her grow into a stronger character that was able to think for herself and not let the society and I grew to like her. Ky, I loved Ky’s character the most through he entire novel, I loved the mystery of him and his story I wanted to know what happened to him, I wanted to know his back-story and Condie did a brilliant good of giving piece of his story as the novel went on. The secondary characters were nice and rounded and she gives just enough detail about then, but I do wish that there was just a tiny bit more about Xander at times in the novel.

The plot was well thought out and I loved how even though she has put a very simple romance as in they barley even hug or hold hands let alone kiss it is still an intense and beautiful romance. I loved the ending it made my mind up about the book and made me realise that I really did want to read more about Cassia and Ky’s journey.

Please hurry up and realise the next book in the series!
Plot 4/5
Character 4/5
Cover 5/5
Ending 5/5

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  1. I agree that the subtle romance was a nice touch in this novel. I have a feeling Xander will be in a lot of the sequel.


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